Product Photography for Violegen HEXAgone® UV-C Room Sterilisers

Product photography on location
One of my first jobs for this week was to do some more photography for the HEXAGone room sterilising units from Violegen.

The location this time was The Queens Hotel in Bournemouth. Even though we are in lockdown the hotel is still open for key workers, but we were allowed to use several areas within the hotel. We started to take photographs in one of the bedrooms and ensuite before moving onto a hallway, and finally the bar and lounge. The Violegen sterilising units use UV-C to kill the virus, this kind of ultraviolet light can damage your sight, so certain protocols and safety precautions have to be followed. This makes taking photographs of the units even more difficult so we have to take the images using wifi via the camera and ipad while the room is blocked off with safety roller banners. The sterilising units are worked remotely by an app on a smartphone from outside the room. These units should substantially speed up the sterilising of areas where people are at risk of viruses.

Violegen are hoping to install these units over the next few weeks and months in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and hotels to help combat the Covid-19 virus so we can all get back to some kind of normal as soon as possible.

Sounds like a really good idea to me, and it’s a local company producing the units as well.

Hexagone product photography
Product photography
product location photography
product location photography
Violegen bedroom ON sfw
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