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Exhibition Graphics, Business Cards & Other Print Collatoral

These are some of the latest exhibition graphics I put together for the IVORS ceremony held at the British Museum. I have also recently completed the certificates for all of the winners at the IVORS.

Exhibition graphics IVORS
Advertising design

I create several advertisements for Christopher Batten throughout the year, which are used in many local magazines and papers.

Basca business card design

Each Basca employee could choose from a selection of colours and have their favourite song and artist displayed on their business card. 

FSC folder design mockup

Front cover and inside of the Fireplace and Stove Centre folder. Customers leave the FSC showroom with a quality folder to keep all the relevant information in. 

FSC business card design

Having a good quality business card can make all the difference between making that sell or losing out. That’s why I only supply a good quality card that will last and not disintegrate or look shabby.

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