Yearbook Design – ERA

Yearbook 2021 cover design for the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA).

The ERA yearbook for 2021 grew to over 100 pages and is packed full of industry data for the entertainment retail sector. The 2021 outer cover is matt laminated with a soft-touch finish to give a high-quality look and feel. Every few years, we refresh the look inside and out, but always ensure to keep within the ERA brand guidelines. This year we simplified the cover and went for a bold numeral design combined with the ERA play symbol. Over the next few issues we will change the background colour each time and the numerals will change to coincide with the current year… should make a great looking set on the shelf.

Era brochure design

The page layouts and sections again were simplified and re-ordered for ease of use throughout. I also created a lot more graphs, charts and infographics to make the statistic driven pages more interesting and better highlight some of the important figures. To identify and separate the different sections the use of large images which also reflect each category, really help to create a nice step change from all the data.

Era brochure design
Music infographics design page
Music graphs and page layout square

Cover design for the 2020 Yearbook

For this issue the cover design was created using the ERA play symbol which is a strong part of their branding. For the outercover we also used a soft touch laminate and a spot varnish to emphasise the play symbol.

ERA design for print

The inside pages are designed with plenty of informative and vibrant graphs and infographics to keep the reader’s attention and break up the text.

page design for yearbook

Five years of yearbook covers. The previous cover design was used for four years using the ERA colour palette and metallic inks. For 2020, the yearbook has had a refresh in design and content throughout. 

Graphic design for yearbooks
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