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Entertainment Retailers Association

The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) is a UK organisation formed to act as a forum for the physical and digital retail and wholesale sectors of the music, video and video games industries.

ERA design for print

Yearbook 2020, 21 and 22 cover designs for the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA). The ERA yearbook is usually around 100 pages now and is packed full of industry data for the entertainment retail sector. The outer covers are matt laminated with a soft-touch finish and spot varnish to give a high-quality look and feel. Every two or three years, we refresh the look inside and out but always keeping within the ERA brand guidelines.

ERA design for print

Yearbook 2020 cover design for the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA).

page design for yearbook

The inside pages are designed with plenty of informative and vibrant graphs and infographics to keep the reader’s attention and break up the text.

Five years of yearbook covers. The previous cover design was used for four years using the ERA colour palette and metallic inks. For 2020 the yearbook has had a refresh in design and content throughout.

Graphic design for yearbooks

A few years back, the ERA logo and brand were updated and revitalised with subtle changes and colour tweaks to make it feel a little more modern and dynamic. It works well here on a reception wall against a crisp white background.

ERA Logo - Office
Digital pdf design

Mid year review, designed and produced as a digital pdf showing an inside page.

digital review

Mid year review cover design being used on a tablet.